Benefits of Joining the TRi Community

We’re heading into week 4 of our current school term and I have to say TRi is firing on all cylinders these days. It’s great to see the new students settling in and becoming part of our community. We’ve grown a lot in the last few years and it’s absolutely fantastic to see as more and more people come on board we still manage to maintain the heart and ethos originally established by Brian. I’m proud to say that the qualities that attracted me to TRi in the first place are still very much in effect here regardless of our size. Maybe it’s good karma, but we continue to attract amazing people to our community who all add value from their own unique experience. 

Personally I think there’s many reasons to be a TRi member. If you’re interested in trading then we have something here for everyone regardless of what markets you’re interested in. But what keeps people coming back in my opinion is what TRi stands for. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it and I think the TRi way speaks for itself through its core values. This way of looking at things started with Brian embarking on his journey and they’ve become cornerstones of everything that we now stand for. 

What are TRi core values?

Big things happen when we work together and TRi is built on the practice of openly sharing knowledge and experiences so that we can all get better together. This is really a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving. 

PMAFTW - Positive Mental Attitude For The Win!
This speaks for itself and we wholeheartedly believe this is an absolute foundation to your success as a trader and for life in general. Trading can be frustrating at times and our community does a good job of making this game fun.

Come back and play the game tomorrow
Put yourself in a position where you can come back and play the game tomorrow. We believe risk management is one of the key components of a successful trading career. This means don’t take the kind of risk that is going to wipe you out entirely. 

Follow the Process
Before you can ever make money at this you must learn to follow the process. We teach a process that works, you just need to implement it for yourself.

A place of learning
TRi is a learning center at its core. It’s a place where someone with zero prior experience can come and learn how to do this correctly without feeling intimidated. It’s also a place where highly skilled people come to continue refining their craft while sharing what they’ve learned.

Types of Membership

There are two ways you can participate at TRi, the School Program and our Silver Membership. Our school program is the best way to educate yourself. It consists of three levels each twelve weeks long and covers the entire process of becoming a professional trader. Our Silver Membership is also available for people who want to participate in the community without taking the school program. With a Silver Membership you have access to all of TRi’s content including our library and several trade signal rooms. Also included is our basic stock and crypto screener package. 

What are the benefits of membership?

Brian’s 30+ years of market knowledge and his willingness to share that information is invaluable. His commitment to showing all of us how to empower ourselves through financial literacy has already had a massive impact on thousands of people and that number is consistently growing. As a member you get 6 days a week of his insights and musings. He’s also a great teacher and does a great job of explaining everything in a way that is easy to understand. Where else could you find all of this knowledge communicated in a way where you can absorb a lifetime career worth of information in a couple of years. 

The Daily Briefs - Five days a week we publish 1-2 hours of video content covering all aspects of the market. Many trade ideas are discussed during this time and watching these videos will keep you up to speed on the entire market. Brian hosts these meetings but we also have other TRi veterans who present on a weekly basis. On Wednesdays for example, I come on the show to discuss the current week’s stock ideas from our stock pickers meeting the night before. 

The community - Trading can be a lonely endeavor and it is really helpful to have peers that you can learn from and share your journey with. The TRi community is made up of people from all over the world who all share the desire to excel at this game. We all work together for everyone’s benefit. Many of our site veterans hang out on a daily basis offering help and guidance to people with less experience. Our chat room runs 24/7 with people interacting from all over the world.

The Library - Our library is packed with tons of useful resources and information including 20+ vetted trade setups that TRi traders use on a daily basis. 

Screeners and trade signals - We have several signal rooms where individuals share their trade ideas and our custom screeners are currently in beta but have already started to signal trade ideas. Soon members will be able to program their own screeners while also having access to Brian’s and other TRi screening models. 

Battlestations Day Trading Room - Live day trading by professionals 5 days a week at the NY Open. 

No Shill

TRi is not about the shill and we would never hard sell anyone on our program. The content speaks for itself and we’re confident that you will find value in it. Our prices are purposefully low because we’re more interested in sharing this knowledge than grinding for dollars. If you think we might be a good fit for you the best way to get started is to dive right in. Sign up for our free 30 day trial and come on the site and check us out. Make sure you introduce yourself in the lounge and you’ll find that everyone is quite helpful. If you want to get a feel for what Brian is all about you can also check out our Youtube channel where he publishes free content six days a week. 

As always, happy trading!!!

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